Sunday, October 28, 2012

The craziest frickin' month of my life!

This blog's title is a spin off of Warrior Dash's tag line, "The craziest frickin' day of your life!" And in all honesty, this past month has been completely and utterly insane and perfect in every way. Not only have I had the opportunity to travel to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia and Louisiana, but I've worked in our Chicago office and fallen in love with this city. Check out the pictures below to see what I've really been up to!

Red Frog Swag on headed to WD Louisiana.
Swamp Tour LA!
Memory Maker in LA, Swamp Tour!
Tweeted to Cosmo's Louisiana's Hottest Bachelor,
Inviting him to Warrior Dash.  We promoted him.
America voted, and Ryan won!
 You're looking at America's Hottest Bachelor!
Dreams do come true :)
The Best Volunteers!
Mud. Sweat. Beer (Water).
Post WD Connecticut.

Doing work in the office! This features
3 top perks of working
 at RFE.
 New Reebok shoes,
 casual dress code & beer!

Mentor Bash! SNL Superfans! Da Bears!

My DJ days aren't over yet!
Helping DJ Paul Michaels with a homecoming!

Ace Ventura, Honey boo boo & Mario!
Wolf Pack does Chicago Halloween Bar Crawl!

The most incredible city. My home :)

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