Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pep Talk

Last weekend I had the opportunity to play tourist in my own town.  It was incredible. Well, it was mostly incredible because of the people I was spending the weekend with. My mom, dad, brother Zach, sister-in-law Darcie and my niece Clara all came into Chicago for a little get away.  Although the weather wasn't perfect, we still made the best of the weekend and were able to enjoy all aspects of the city.  Quick shout out to my parents for braving the cold- loved seeing you guys more than you know!

On to the real stuff.  As many of you know, I'm in the job market in Chicago.  Or as I like to call it, I'm currently fUnEmployed. Some may ask: what exactly does that entail?  Let me give you a quick run down of a typical day.

  8am: Walk to 7-11 across the street for a deliciously inexpensive cup of coffee (with the roommates)
  9am: Google the sh*t out of companies I am interested in
11am: Tweet something funny about job searching & check Linkedin
12pm: Write a few cover letters, send some resumes
  2pm: Do the insanity workout (with the roommates)
  3pm: Send some resumes
  6pm: Zumba
  8pm: Bed

Okay so that might be a bit exaggerated- I'm not usually in bed by 8 and I eat sometimes too.  You get the gist.  Most of my friends in Chicago are in the same boat. Occasionally we get together to play football or roam the streets- but for the most part we're full speed ahead at landing our next gig.  Although we're trying to make of fUnEmployment, this cycle is beginning to get a bit tedious and repetitive.  Yesterday a friend shared this video with me... Today this video is going viral.  Check it out. We could all use a little pep talk!

"The world needs you to stop being boring... Yeah, You!"


PS. This kids got my vote

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